OK… So it’s been a while!

Right, it’s been an ashamedly long time since I created this blog, and in doing so joined the millions of blog owners with a total of one post on a dormant account. So that’s embarrassing, but it happened so let’s move on…

Here’s what you’ve missed since that fateful day almost a year ago, when I had bailed on my career and had a relationship breakdown in the space of 3 weeks. In the intervening 10 months or so I have… Taken up mountain biking, beenĀ to a festival, got a new job, had a new relationship, had another break up, started a masters at NTU, moved to Nottingham… The list goes on.

When I started this blog it was to support my application to post graduate study. As it turns out, starting a blog when you have nothing to say will lead to an empty blog (who knew right!?). But with all the changes and excitement going on, I suddenly felt inspired to create some content. As a 30 year old living in halls, I feel perfectly placed to chronicle the highs and lows of my 1/3 life crisis, and will share accordingly. Much more to follow…




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