The 90’s are back. How could we have let this happen?

I remember the 90’s. I appreciate that’s no claim to fame but I don’t meet many other people in student halls who do, and I feel that the current trend towards the fashion of that decade doesn’t scare these young-folk enough.

Curtain haircuts, baggy t-shirts and jeans, Adidas tracksuits, FILA, choker necklaces, platform trainers, popper joggers, yin and yang jewellery… Are all things I’ve seen young people wearing in the last few weeks.

I really don’t get it. I didn’t get it the first time round, but I took part like any youngster would and I looked a total wazzock like everyone else. So i find it incomprehensible that I can be cringing about the fact I actually used to wear a green Kenwood bomber jacket, and then walk down the street and see someone doing it again.

I thought it would be fun to compile a short list of the worst trends I can remember, and then wait and see if they re-appear.

  1. Shag bands

The gummy bracelets worn to display your sexual adventures on your arm. These couldn’t come back could they?

2. Umbro sweaters


These were an absolute must have in any 90’s wardrobe. Not proud to admit that I did in fact own one in a rather fetching blue.

3. Kickers

If you didn’t have a pair of Kickers moccasins at my school, you were basically dead. Before the craze for slip on loafers (still persisting with estate agents) were these clumpy, rubber-soled shoes with leather laces around the sides. Extra style points for loose laces and the tongue sticking out to display the logo!

4. Eclipse Clothing

Ludicrously baggy jeans adorned with spliff smoking cartoon louts and a ton of extra pockets and straps you didn’t need. The faux graffiti style of the writing looks appalling to me now, but it seemed pretty damn street at the time.

5. Small leather back-packs for girls

Just did a quick google for these and they’re on the Urban Outfitters site so watch this space…

I actually went to see a band two or three weeks ago who were so committed to their 90’s look that they were gurning during songs. In between songs they were perfectly sober, but as soon as they started to play they emulated the look of the 90’s acts they idolise, perhaps without even realising the reason behind them pulling those faces at the time.

The upside is that all the embarrassing photos my family has of me in the 90’s aren’t really so embarrassing any more, but I don’t think that makes up for re-living the fashion atrocities of the past.

What’s next?

If the trend cycles in the same order as before, here are my predictions for what might come next…

  1. Flares
  2. American shirts with fake business emblems
  3. Hawaiian shirts
  4. Long-sleeved t shirts under short-sleeved shirts or t shirts
  5. Long-sleeved shirts under t shirts
  6. Camouflage
  7. Really really really thick corduroy trousers

So much to look forward to!!!

Things I learned this week…

  • Tweetdeck
  • The phrase: “I’d rather shit in my hands and clap.” (Thanks Bradd)
  • How to build a Facebook page (not a profile)

One thought on “The 90’s are back. How could we have let this happen?

  1. Hate to admit but I actually ticked all those boxes too. The 90’s were great… in the 90’s! There’s a time and a place for looking like a wazzock, and it’s not 2016!


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